Working for You  

Working for You

Being brought up near the Platte River in Douglas County, I have gained a real appreciation for Nebraska's greatest natural resource: water.  This has driven me to be in the forefront of supporting many projects that involve water - friendly water, such as that in multi-use reservoirs, which provides family recreational opportunities including fishing and boating, as well as flood control.  The water can be become unfriendly at other times, during open water and ice jam flooding on our area rivers and in the creeks of our Papio watershed.  I have dealt with them all, and I am proud of what I have accomplished over my years on the board.  I am truly grateful to you, my constituents, for allowing me to continue to serve you on the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources Board of Directors for 24 years.


Please read on and enjoy the "Working for You" photo pages of this website to see a few of the projects that I had a major role in getting implemented in Subdistrict 5, which I am so proud to represent.


Thank you so much,


"Protecting your life, protecting your property, protecting your future."

Please Re-Elect RICH TESAR, Papio NRD Director