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An important issue to the citizens in NRD Subdistrict 5 is trail development.  Additional biking and hiking trails is my number one constituent request.  Constituents from all over this NRD Subdistrict are calling to ask for my support to continue building biking and hiking trails in the area where they live and work.  Obviously, we can't build trails everywhere, but a well thought out comprehensive plan has been developed with budgetary considerations, and new trails construction is ongoing as federal, state, and local funding permits.


One of the most recent plans involves the development of the Western Douglas County Trail System which encompasses an area from just east of the Village of Waterloo to Valley Nebraska, where it connects to new YMCA Fitness Center, and then west to several different destinations, one being the Platte River Landing located at Highway 64 and the Platte River.  Another leg of the trail could potentially connect with a trail in Fremont.  Ultimately, this trail would connect to the east in what was formerly the City of Elkhorn and work its way into central Omaha and points beyond.


I find it rather amazing how my phone started ringing with constituents from all over the District wanting trail development at a time when gasoline prices are escalating.  These individuals are looking forward to the time when they can actually ride their bicycles to their places of work safely, off the main east-west thoroughfares.  My, how times have changed since I voted for the very first trail project in the 1980s which was viewed with great skepticism by some NRD directors and members of the general public.  Originally, I too was somewhat skeptical, however, several mid-winter trips to Minneapolis with my sons, who played hockey at the time, convinced me otherwise.  There, behind the hotel where we stayed was a trail that was being heavily used by joggers, walkers, and bicyclists when the temperature was well below zero.  I myself walked that trail and visited extensively with the trail users.  This was not a fluke, these trail users noted that they were frequent trail users, sometimes even several times per day.  Exercising in a safe and environmentally friendly setting with ample green space was very appealing to these trail users - the young and old, from the athletic to those like myself at that time, slightly portly, well... maybe a little more than slightly.


You can vote in support of continued recreational trail development with your vote to RE-ELECT RICH TESAR for PAPIO NRD in the upcoming election.


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