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Erosion & Bank Stabilization


The Elkhorn River Improvement Project is a streambank stabilization project on seven miles of the Elkhorn River in western Douglas County.  It extends from Highway 36 on the north to near King Lake on the south.  The predominant protection technique was windrow revetment.  This method places the rock riprap on top of the bank in a "windrow", as the river bank erodes, riprap is launched down the slope providing the desired protection.  This project, which I was a strong proponent of, was completed in 1988, and has been maintained by the NRD since that time.  Operation and maintenance costs are paid by the landowners through a special assessment based on benefits received from the project.  The original project protected 21,000 feet of streambank using 60,000 tons of quarried riprap rock.


The areas protected have had very little maintenance ever needed.  In the summer of 2010 an open water flood event on the Elkhorn River, with the third highest flows ever recorded, flooded many farms, fields, and homes along the Elkhorn River in western Douglas County.  The community of King Lake sustained major flooding and severe damage to many homes.  This flood also created a number of new areas of streambank erosion along the untreated areas of the project area.  After an engineering study of the streambank was completed that year by the NRD, additional areas of streambank did receive windrow revetment treatment.


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