Hello, Neighbors!  

Hello, Neighbors!

Rich Tesar is proud to bring a solid background of combined public service, business, and ecological and environmental expertise to represent you on the Papio-Missouri River NRD.  Living on the banks of the Platte River for most of his life, Rich brings an ecological understanding to the board of the Papio-Missouri River NRD, with special emphasis on hydrological effects of the rivers and streams during times of open water and ice jam flooding.


You live in a truly unique area of the Papio-Missouri River NRD, Subdistrict 5, made up of the Papio Creek basin, and the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers.  For 24 years I have represented your interests on the Papio NRD Board of Directors.


With such a diverse geographical area, from the densely populated neighborhoods and commercial developments of northwestern Omaha, to the agricultural crop lands, to the smaller cities and villages to the north and west, all the way to the waters of the Platte River, you need someone who is committed to continue to work on your behalf, safeguard your natural resources and, at the same time, be prudent with your tax dollars in providing the meaningful flood control which is so urgently needed.


Did you know that the Papio watershed is the most dangerous watershed in the state in terms of potential loss of life and damage to property?  More people die from floods than any other natural disaster, and yes, it can and will happen here unless we become more proactive in working for a comprehensive flood control plan in this district.


As a husband and father who has had his family home flooded, I know that no matter where you live – at the top of a hill or the bottom of a valley, a flood can and will affect you and your community.  We will not soon forget the impact that the 2011 Missouri River flood ravished on Omaha's economy, with roads from the east, north, and south being closed for months forcing travelers to make lengthy detours to get to their destinations.  Rail traffic at some river crossings came to a halt, costing millions of dollars in rerouting rail traffic elsewhere.  Even air traffic was threatened with the constant threat of levee failures at Omaha Eppley Airfield and Bellevue's Offutt Air Force Base.  Area families were displaced and in many cases, unfortunately, these folks no longer had a livable home to come home to.  Many farms and businesses sustained major damage that year and even today many farm fields remain compromised; some small businesses never reopened.  Infrastructure damage in the flood's aftermath was staggering in cost and more damage is still being discovered even today.


Unlike the 2011 Missouri River flooding, a flood in the Papillion Creek basin would most likely resemble that of a flash flood in nature, with a serious concern of there being very little advance notice to those in the flood path.  The cost of potential loss of life and property could be staggering in its own right.  That is why I feel flood control IS the major issue for the Papio-Missouri River NRD.  I hope you will agree, lives depend on it!


I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.  My pledge to you as your elected NRD board member is that I will continue to do everything I can, working with every tool available, to provide meaningful flood protection in the Papio-Missouri River NRD.


"Protecting your life, protecting your property, protecting your future."

Please Re-Elect RICH TESAR, Papio NRD Director